I currently have the following fish for sale: Common Bristlenose Catfish Less than 3cm $2 each Between 3cm & 4cm $4 each Between 4cm & 6cm $6 each Buy 5 and get 1 free (same size) Baby Swordtails Mostly females (orange, white, black) Approx 2-3cm $2 each Pick up only in Churchill, Ipswich 4305. $2. Ipswich, QLD. 21/07/2022. 2019. 11. 9. · Anonymous - 2020-07-02 Hi, I have just acquired two Rice Fish , I think Medaka, and think I have a male and female. I am wondering what temperature of water is best to encourage breeding. Now that we are moving into July I am hoping this is a good season for breeding them. 2013. 3. 13. · Other common names: Medaka, Geisha-girl. The common name "Ricefish" refers to the rice paddies in which these fish are found within their native Japan. Taxonomy: Oryzias latipes first described by Temminck and Schlegel in 1846. The genus Oryzias is now placed within the Family Adrianichthyidae. Natural distribution: Japan, China, Korea and Formosa. Tropical fish mixture sell as 1 lot of individual. Brownhills, Walsall. 1 day ago. New A d £10 Each For Sale. Fish for sale cheap. Baby/adolescent guppies. Swindon, Wiltshire. 1 day ago. New A d £20 Each For Sale.

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